Sustainability is integrated into GSCMs investment thesis, strategy, decision making and governance. GSCM aims to create and enhance sustainable land use systems. The fund will endeavour to balance environmental, social and economic sustainability and food security needs. GSCM defines sustainability as improving the quality of human life, the environment and the economy.


GSCM will seek to:  


  - Pursue net positive environmental, social and economic impact through the projects in which we invest

  - Be a responsible local partner

  - Apply best practice in our operations and business processes

  - Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, treaties, conventions and agreements

  - Be transparent about our approach, measure our performance and report our progress regularly

  - Engage with stakeholders on environmental and social issues at the national and international level


GSCM investments will aim to: 


  - Embed sustainable agricultural management practices

  - Respect local peoples’ rights of ownership and use of land and resources

  - Adapt and build resilience to climate change

  - Mitigate greenhouse gas emissions

  - Add socio-economic value at the national level

  - Enhance local capabilities

  - Provide fair and safe working conditions

  - Engage with local communities and other stakeholders

  - Minimise negative environmental impacts including those from energy, chemical usage and waste


In addition priorities for GSCM investments are to:


  - Improve the social and economic well-being of local communities

  - Improve productivity sustainably

  - Enhance biodiversity

  - Manage water sustainably

  - Manage soil sustainably




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