For Investors:


Sustainability / ESG Review: We help evaluate your target against ESG principles. Using GSCM’s proprietary sustainability framework we will identify areas of environmental and social risk, as well as opportunity. 


For Operators:


Financial / Business Plan Preparation: We help you prepare detailed business plans. Given our knowledge of the sector and operations, we can stress-test and fine-tune your plans for key operational and market parameters to help deliver success.

Risk / Commercial and risk management assessment: We use our industry, financial and commercial experience to review your operations and help you evaluate and mitigate key risks.


Sustainability / ESG Assessment: We help evaluate your project against ESG principles. Employing GSCM’s proprietary sustainability framework, we provide a comprehensive ESG review. We will work with you to develop a robust approach to sustainability that will help you manage risks, identify opportunities and deliver benefits. 



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