GSCM's experienced and dedicated in-house team that assesses, selects and monitors investments in climate resilient agriculture (CRA) around the world.


What is Climate Resilient Agriculture? Climate-smart agriculture, forestry and fisheries is a strategy for sustainably ensuring food security in a growing population. GSCM also balances CRA investments to improve climate resilience. GSCM has additional, proprietary sustainability metrics and principles that guide our decision making process. Our metrics include:


• Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and income

Adapting to the effects of climate change to reduce the effects over time

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions


Agroforestry systems are an important element of CRA. They include traditional and modern land-use systems where trees are managed together with crops and/or animal production systems. The tangible benefits of this include:


• Increased resilience to environmental hazards

• Higher yields for small and large scale farms

• Creation of a permanent soil cover that prevents erosion

Minimisation of damage from flooding

Building environments and soil structure that enhance water conservation



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